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When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the events industry faced major challenges & changes. As a result, people started hosting online meetings & this enabled various events to reach much bigger audiences than ever before. Hosting an event in a venue has it’s limits, but having it online has virtually no limit at all.

Virtual events have proven to be a cost effective way of communicating to audiences. If a virtual event is not the right option for you, you also have the benefit of taking your live event online & making it a fully fledged hybrid event, having the best of both worlds!

When you take your event online, whether it’s live or virtual, it gives you the opportunity to reach audiences globally. Broadening your reach to new potential customers makes your business grow, gives you exposure & enables you to achieve new goals!

The benefits of going online simply makes sense, in more ways than one – taking advantage of it is only a few clicks away. The only limitation is your own creativity & we are here to assist you to get the best result. 

Green screen technology is the ideal solution for hosting a virtual event – whether it’s pre-recorded or broadcasted live to your viewers.

Our mobile studio can be setup at your premises & a number of virtual sets can be chosen from to place you in any location that is best suited for your event.

Virtual events have many advantages & allows you to connect to your viewers in a creative, professional manner, from the comfort of your location. 

Whichever option you choose , your online event can be hosted on a number of free platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Zoom & more.

If you prefer a more secure or private platform without any of the restrictions, you can confidently broadcast high-quality video to your viewers with a reliable, customisable live streaming platform that gives you more control. Going online has never been easier.